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"I finally finished my scene planner, and just today my chapter planner. I am so excited about my book! Thank you for the course, I really enjoy doing it and sparking my imagination to crazy levels." Amalia van Dyk


Analysis by the IMF indicates that remote workers cope better in recessions than individuals working for companies reliant on bricks-and-mortar premises, with fewer losing jobs. Individuals who are able to work from home are generally highly skilled and better educated and therefore less vulnerable. A reminder of the importance of continual learning. 

The Eight Module Plan

The eight module WriteSmarter Creative Writing Course is designed to lead you from finding a suitable story spark to finishing a full-length manuscript. The ultimate goal is not only  publication of your novel or short story by a reputable publisher or magazine, but also to transform you into an independent writer.


You need:

* The desire to become an accomplished writer.

* Easy access to a computer and email.

* A love for books and stories. 


What are the benefits?

* Quality course material and writing aids that you will refer to many times during your writing career.

* Detailed, personalised feedback and guidance by an experienced writer/editor on all aspects of your writing, within seven days of submitting your assignment.

* Sympathetic treatment, as we too were aspiring writers once.

* The freedom to start anytime and to work whenever and wherever suits you.

* Individual attention as you work on a one-on-one basis with your tutor.

* Enough time to complete your writing course and manuscript at your own pace.  

* Affordable payment plans ensure that you can pay according to your budget. 


Why should I enrol for a writing course?

* The publishing industry has become so specialised it's not easy for aspiring writers to be successful. 

* Publishers are in the publishing business and just can't afford the time and the effort to tutor and help develop new authors. 

* At WriteSmarter we share our expertise and contacts with our student writers in order to help place promising manuscripts.


How will WriteSmarter help grow my confidence as a writer and develop my technical skills? We use our tried and tested Eight Module Plan with its structured format which builds step by step from story spark to completed manuscript. This, together with detailed and clear, easy to understand feedback, is your best way forward on the road to writing success. 

The Eight Module Plan

How to write a book becomes less mystifying if you're equipped with this interactive Eight Module Online Creative Writing Program. An integrated approach is followed during which you brainstorm, plan and write an outline for your novel or short story while you master the necessary writing techniques and skills. The end goal is a completed manuscript that complies with all the requirements for publishing success. Along the way you will receive quality study material and writing aids, as well as continuous guidance and feedback by a published author.


Module 1:  Points of Departure

- Study the Golden Rules for a successful story.

- Analyse the requirements of your target market.

- Master five practical writing secrets.

- Learn from the opposition.

- Switch on the ideas machine …

Assignment: Utilize story sparks and free writing.


Module 2:  Planning & Preparation

- Expand your vocabulary, power of expression and language usage.

- Study the five components of a successful story.

- Find out how to apply the three acts formula.

- Learn from successful storylines.

- Explore the story framework.

Assignment: Create story material using the Five Minute Method and the Story Plan.


Module 3:  Characters & Dialogue

- WRITING AID: Develop convincing, exciting, living, breathing characters.

- Utilise the connections between character and plot.

- Find your characters’ “own voice”.

- Study guidelines for effective dialogue and practice them.

Assignment:  Develop a lifelike character with an own agenda, dreams and fears.


Module 4:  Setting & Point of View

- Determine the impact of setting on a story.

- Choose and develop a setting that will further your plot.

- Study the secrets of point of view.

- Experiment with different points of view.

Assignment:  Apply the principles of point of view.


Module 5:  Strong Beginnings

- Find out where and how a scene begins and ends.

- Explore the conditions for effective scenes.

- Utilise the building blocks of a strong manuscript: ten winning scenes, show and tell, etc.

- Learn to write an opening scene that WORKS.

- Find out how an effective first chapter is put together.

Assignment: Write a strong beginning.


Module 6:  Develop a Scene Plan

- Plan a convincing, conflict-riddled plot.

- Structure your story with a chapter plan.

- WRITING AID: Simplify the writing process with a scene plan.

- Find out how to complete your manuscript with stimulus and response.

Assignment: Write a complete scene utilising stimulus and response.


Module 7:  Cliffhangers & Jump Cuts

- Apply winning techniques to create winning scenes.

- Structure effective scenes.

- Plan and write a motivated ending.

- Develop and write effective cliffhangers.

- Utilise jump cuts and leaps in time.

Assignment: Apply jump cuts and cliffhangers.


Module 8:  Publishers & Contracts

- Editing and structuring.

- Liven up your writing style with clean-cut metaphors.

- Write a killer cover letter and synopsis.

- Find out about publishers and contracts.

- Make it as a real writer …

Assigment:  Complete a winning submission including a cover letter, synopsis and manuscript for a reputable publishing house. 

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Students' reviews and comments

"Thank you so much for your feedback and all your wonderful help these last eight months. Thank you for all the positive comments and the detailed help." Johanni Ackermann


"I'm pleased that you are so exacting and precise in your commentary." Tamarinda Schreuder


"The course has opened my eyes to things I never even considered before. It helped my writing 100 percent." Monique Majendie


"Thank you so much, it is like a light bulb switching on." Tracy-Lee Eckstein


"I appreciate your comments and advice. This course is the best thing I could ever have invested in!" Angela van Druten


"I appreciate the feedback so much. Now I'm really glad that I signed up for this course." Abongile Tyopo


"The feedback is both positive and constructive." Chris Asals


"I have learned a great deal about writing and I appreciate all your help." Anthony Southby


"Thank you for the detailed feedback. I can feel the growth even as I write this." Themba Ntuli


"I feel that I have found someone who can help me shift my writing to the next level." Michelle Bode


"I was battling to set a proper scene. Your story writing course is just what I needed." Leon Steyn


"I implemented the changes you recommended and you were so right." Coleen Kennedy


"It is wonderful having a mentor to guide me and make suggestions. I never want this course to end." Geoff Erasmus


"I really enjoyed this module. It was a lot to take in but I learned so much." Ntombi Langa


"It feels as if my brain has been kick-started." Mariska Heyns


"Just finished reading through your comments. It's good to feel your guidance and support." Suzel Pilou


"Thank you so much for helping me get closer to my dream." Brigitte Kearns


"I was amazed at how 'punchy' some of the paragraphs became after you altered them!" Costa Pantazis


"You won't believe what an awesome time I had doing this course." Mariki Naude


"I have not had this much fun in years." Brigitte Kearns


"It is the best money I have ever spent." Vicki Smith